About Sandrine Lé Plenier

Sandrine Le Plenier enjoys blogging and writing as well as all the fine arts. In Sandrine Le Plenier’s spare time she likes to design jewelry, write and play music as well as sculpt. She lives in Europe and is a well known artist there. Sandrine Le Plenier has a real passion for jewelry making and blogging about world news and current events. She enjoys all aspects of jewelry making, Sandrine Le Plenier started creating jewelry in 2002 and particularly loves the wire wrapped technique. She uses a variety of metals such as aluminum, sterling silver, gold, gold plated, artistic wires and combine them with glass beads, Swarovski crystals, wood beads, leather, buttons, feathers, polymer clay elements, felt beads as well as porcelain beads so she can create unique pieces of jewelry. Sandrine Le Plenier loves to travel so she can shop for jewelry findings all over the world and the best asset of her artistic activity is that she can take her passion anywhere in the world. Sandrine Le Plenier’s approach for pricing her jewelry would be to set it at a modest price so she can purchase new materials to create new pieces. Sandrine Le Plenier also makes unique orders for all occasions and also gives classes on jewelry making.

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